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I had a relaxing hour long massage with Linda today from the Strathpine Studio & it’s helped with my lower back pain/sciatica. I definitely will be back again & again till bub’s arrival just to help with the pregnancy discomforts. Purchasing the maternity back support was a fantastic idea as well as it helps relieve the strain on my back, plus it feels absolutely wonderful on, that I feel like I can sleep with it. Thank you!


I had an amazing 1 hour massage with Claire from the Strathpine Centre on Saturday morning & it was AMAZING!! My bubba is due today & I’m feeling so relaxed after having such a wonderful experience on Saturday. Thankyou!!!! I had pregnancy massages elsewhere with my previous pregnancy & they didn’t even come close to the quality & relaxation of this massage. I will be recommending you to all my pregnant friends & definately coming in for a post pregnancy massage Thanks again!!

S. Bakon

Just had a WONDERFUL hour long full body massage at the new Strathpine store with Claire and feel so great now. It was so relaxing I could have fallen asleep. This is after already having a massage and imaging at the Logan store, which was great as well. I recommend the imaging to all pregnant women, it helps you feel so much more connected to your baby and the massages are just heaven. Laying on your tummy feels fantastic. This is the second time I have been to Precious Previews and cant praise them enough. The staff are all so friendly and helpful & even with my camera shy girls we got great pics. Thanks for everything guys and if there’s a third I’ll be back.


Last year I went to get some 3D/4D scans for my little bubba, and it was wonderful to have our close family members share that precious moment together. I also wanted to try our the pregnancy massage,especially since I had experienced some aches and pains towards the end of my pregnancy. WOW – what a fantastic experience it was! Michelle has magic hands and such extensive knowledge about how to bring our bodies back into the way they should be! I was able to walk and move around quite normally even until the day our little girl was born (apart from the big belly sticking out in front!)- and I have Michelle to thank for that. Thanks lovelies! You guys are doing a fantastic job, and I will definitely let you know when we have our next little one.

K. Wilson

I’ve had regular massages with Michelle from 22 thru to 39 wks and they’ve made my pregnancy an absolute pleasure, no aches and pains and it really helped with swelling as well. So a big thank you to Michelle and all the staff!


Michelle Is the ultimate in massages! The knowledge and care for both myself and baby has been absolutely fantastic. My headaches have stopped and my back hips and legs have never been so good. I cannot recomend highly enough a pregnancy massage and the benefits it is having for myself and my baby. Also thank you to Michelle and Donna for taking the time and effort to get the best 4D photos of my baby it took a while but we got there and it is something we will always have! You guys are the best.

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